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The End of The Year Is a GREAT Time to Make Sure Your Profile Is Accurate and Up To Date!

The end of 2018 is upon us, and we're getting ready for 2019! In addition to setting up your annual budget and checking your smoke alarm batteries, why not add checking your Tasteocracy profile to the list of your end-of-year projects? It only takes a few minutes and it will be well worth it.

Once a year, check to make sure that everything in your profile (and the profiles of your other household members) is accurate and up to date. Have you moved? Has someone in your household gotten married? Have you changed jobs, or had a baby? Maybe a child has turned 18, and is now able to qualify as an adult tester. So many things can change from one year to the next, and these changes can greatly affect your testing opportunities!

The more we know and understand you and your household, the better we can be at selecting tests you are likely to qualify for. So please...take a few minutes and review your profiles and household information. And as always, thanks for testing with Tasteocracy!