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Let Tasteocracy Put the FUN Back Into Fundraising!

If you belong to a nonprofit organization, chances are that you are looking for ways to raise funds this upcoming year. Tell your members, your friends and your family about Tasteocracy's great fundraising program!

Here's how our program works:

Members (and their friends and family)of participating nonprofit organizations sign up to participate in tests with Tasteocracy. Each time they test, they can donate all or part of their payment to your nonprofit organization. How simple is that?!

If you are a member of a school club or sports team, or a church missions group, or maybe a scouting troop, see what Tasteocracy fundraising can do for you!

Fundraising with Tasteocracy is easy, it's fun and it's painless. See for yourself!

For additional information about Tasteocracy's fundraising program, click here.