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What Does Tasteocracy Mean?

You won’t find the word “Tasteocracy” in the dictionary. But it may remind you of another word: Democracy. A democracy is run by the people, and for the people. In a democracy, every vote counts. And at Tasteocracy, every voice counts.

When you test with Tasteocracy, your opinions influence products in development, and affect changes to existing products you currently use. Our Tasteocracy community contributes greatly to what ends up on store shelves all over the world!

Our clients (national and global food companies) count on your honest opinions to help them create and produce the products you find in your grocery store. You have a lot of power, and it is why your voice is so important to us! Our new logo, the "spooncil," represents your voice and your opinion.

Next time you see our name and logo, remember that it represents you and the power you have in shaping the products you and everyone else use every day!