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Here are Three Ways to Earn Money With Tasteocracy!

Of course you know that you can earn good money when you test with Tasteocracy! But sometimes you may hit a dry spell, when it seems as though you just don't qualify for anything. So here are a couple of other ways to earn, for those times when our tests just aren't working out for you!

You can WIN, just for trying to qualify. Did you know that for many of our tests, especially those we expect will be harder to qualify for, you can WIN money, just for trying to qualify? Make sure to look for these tests, and you'll have a good chance to be a winner!

You can WIN for referring friends and family. Do you have friends and family who would enjoy taste testing? Every month, we pay out $400 to four lucky testers who have referred a friend or family member to Tasteocracy. If you want to be entered into our monthly drawing, simply click here to refer your friends or family...and this includes referring other members of your household! You'll get one chance to win for every person you refer!

And of course, keep on trying to qualify. We are confident that you will fit into one of our tests again soon!